About Us

Since its inception during the 1970’s, Sonee Hardware has been about its employees, the customers and in general, the society. Through a value-added approach, we aim to be “YOUR FAVOURITE HARDWARE STORE” by providing a service of superior excellence. Our success depends on quality, consistency and reliability delivered on these three core areas (employees, customers and society).

Being one of the largest hardware businesses in the market today, Sonee Hardware has built a reputation among its loyal customers with a strong drive for reaching the customers’ expectations.

Sonee Hardware now has a total of 6 outlets in which the company has diversified into various different areas of businesses. One of our showroom “THE SCENE”, is the first intelligent showroom of its kind and is a clear paradigm of Sonee Hardware’s commitment to our customers.

Message from the Managing Director

Our Vision of Making Sonee Hardware “Your Favourite Hardware Store” is an endless pursuit of excellence in a competitive market where we set trends.

Sonee Hardware is driven by an energetic and customer friendly team of highly skilled and proven workforce. The satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products are two key areas where we do not compromise on.

We base our strategies on current global market trends where our products and services are of a superior quality because we believe our customers deserve the best. We take pride in the fact that our customers regard our products and services as superior to that of our competitors.

As a company, we are committed to educating and energizing our team to deliver the best to a demanding and growing list of customers. We invest heavily on training, professional development and installing our core values to all our employees. We believe the companies that are moving forward fast are the ones with the best employees.

Over the 40 years of our existence, we have grown and molded our business with long term strategies and targets. Each and every member of our strong team has goals and targets to achieve in order for the company to achieve its objectives.

We are always on the lookout for new innovations and products which are suitable for the local market and hence new showrooms are set to open this year with a new range of products for our customers to choose from.

We at Sonee Hardware believe that our customers are our partners and their growth is directly linked to ours’. We are proud of our commitments to various social activities carried out by the company, our customers and the society for the development of infrastructure and various other causes all over Maldives. We are especially proud of our commitments and it’s successes in the field of sports.

The trust that our customers have placed in us is valued very highly and we are working to make the bonds even stronger.

When it comes to hardware and building materials, look no further than Sonee Hardware.

We continue our work in “Building Maldives”.

Mission and Vision

Our MISSION is to invest our wide experience to consistently provide our customers with superior quality hardware products that satisfy their needs and surpass their expectations, thus re-enforcing the message – “Your favourite Hardware Store” in the minds of our valued customers.

Our VISION is to project Sonee Hardware as the ideal choice for our customers and the most reliable partner for our suppliers by progressively diversifying and increasing the imports of the best quality and range of hardware products which will seamlessly contribute to the growth of our country.

Our objective will be to provide our most valued customers with excellence, value and innovative products through a combination of a wide range of merchandise, services and an efficient sales & Customer Service Team.

SONEE will be customer-oriented & public committed. SONEE believes that progress must necessarily be achieved in understanding with the public to their needs and wants. A commitment to people & economic growth constitute an integral part of our vision.

SONEE shall foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees, customers and society.



Established in the 1970’s as a corner shop.

A full-fledged hardware business with a loyal customer base and the reputation of being one of the country’s largest, with 9 outlets in strategic locations around Male’.


Launch of world renowned brands, Bosch, Osram, ABB.


Seven stories office building was opened in December 2002.

Government award in the year 2002 for the outstanding contribution to the country in the field of sustainable business development.

Fully equipped BOSCH Power tools service centre, to support 24 hour tool replacement commitment.


SONEE Hardware opened a new state-of-the-art showroom (The Scene) the first of its kind in the Maldives in December 2006


The Presidential GREEN LEAF Award for the year 2007 for outstanding contribution in the field of environment, bear testimony to the corporate strength of Sonee Hardware.

Proud sponsor of top two national football clubs in 2006, 2007 and 2008.


The Showroom “SONEE HARDWARE PROFESSIONAL” was opened early 2009.

SII products (manufactured aggregate and sand – A first in Maldives) was launched in 2009.

A new Showroom “The Paint Shop” specializes in CAPAROL paints was opened in December 2009.


Sonee Sports

Founded in 1991, Sonee Sports is by far the market leader in supply of sports related products in the Maldives. Product range covers for the games of Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Surfing, weight training, aerobics, physical fitness, etc.,

Brands: Adidas, Nike, Quiksivler, Roxy, Rip Curl, Mango, Billabong

Mr. Ahmed Kaleem
Sonee Sports, Janavaree Magu, Male’

T: + 960 332 5995
F: + 960 331 8381


Founded in 1997, Asters is one of the largest suppliers of Office Products and School Stationery in the Maldives. They represent brands such as: HP, IBM, Lenovo, Epson, 3M, GEHA, ACCO, MAX, UNIBALL, etc.

Mr. Ibrahim Kaleem

Asters, Ameeru Ahmed Magu, Male’, 20096

T: + 960 331 6464

F: + 960 334 6444E:

Haifal Construction Pvt Ltd

Sonee Building, Ibrahim Hassan Didi Magu,  Male’

T: + 960 330 6677
F: + 960 330 6688


Fortsen Shades is the pioneer of manufacturing Venetian and Vertical window blinds in the Maldives. Fortsen products are available in a wide range of colours. Fortsen blinds offer excellent sun and light control, as well as ensuing complete privacy. At the same time they are quality blinds that are well worth their price, blinds that are manufactured using materials and components designed and manufactured by Hunter Douglas, the world leader in window coverings.Apart from being specialists in the window covering products, Fortsen Shades is also in the line of supplying and installing hardwood and laminate floorings.

Mr. Abdulla Kaleem

H. Naaka, Male’

T: + 960 332 6662

F: + 960 333 0868E:


H. Emboogasdhoshuge, Janavaree Magu, Male’

T: + 960 334 6068
F: + 960 332 6068