Yageen Libeyne!

Sonee Hardware has launched a brand new promotion where the winner of a lucky draw will get 1 Million Maldivian Rufiyaa in cash. The starting date of the promotion is 1st of September and will go on till the end of December this year.

Sonee hardware takes pride in launching a promotion of this magnitude for the very first time in the Maldives.

Terms and Conditions for this promotion

  1. Promotion is open for ONLY Sonee Hardware customers. The owners, owners’ immediate families and the employees of Sonee Hardware will NOT be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  2. The above mentioned persons are not allowed to purchase and handle coupons on behalf of eligible customers. Should the above mentioned people want to make a personal purchase, or purchase on behalf of an eligible customer, no coupons will be issued. Harsh action will be taken against the non eligible group of people who disrespect the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  4. The duration of the promotion is from 1st September 2008 to the 31st December 2008.
  5. Coupon entitlement: Valid for all the items sold on cash on the spot basis at Sonee Hardware, Sonee Hardware Powerpoint, Sonee Hardware Professional, Sonee Hardware Caparol showroom, Sonee Hardware 1, Sonee Hardware 2, Sonee Hardware 3, Sonee Hardware 4, Sonee Hardware 5, and The SCENE.
  6. For purchases made by Cash cards, Debit cards, Credit cards and present date cheques will also be eligible for coupons. Post dated cheques and Credit purchases will be excluded from this promotion.
  7. For every cash purchase above RF 200.00 worth of goods, the customer will be eligible for ONE coupon.
  8. Smaller purchases under rf. 200 are also eligible for this promotion. Receipts which sum up to rf. 200 are eligible for a coupon. Such receipts are exchanged for coupons and will be retained by the shops. Customers are required to make copies of the receipts if they have to keep a copy for later reference. Photo copying facilities are not available at the participating shops. Sonee Hardware receipts feature visible and non visible security measures, and suspicious activities will be investigated and if required, will be dealt according to the Maldivian law.
  9. Receipts of Rf. 200 and above are not eligible for the contents described in clause 8. Coupons must be collected on the spot for all purchases of Rf 200 or above on a single receipt. It is a responsibility of the customer to receive the right amount of coupons at the instant of the purchase. For a single receipt of Rf. 200 or above, coupons cannot be claimed once a customer leaves the shop and comes back in to claim for it.
  10. Coupon boxes are allocated in the participating outlets of Sonee Hardware during the promotional period. No customers will be allowed to enter any of the participating shops after 11pm on 31st December, 2008. The customers remaining inside the shops will be allowed to make their final purchases and will be able to drop in their coupons in the boxes.
  11. All coupons will possess visible and non visible security features to avoid any duplication.
  12. Every coupon will have a unique number, and the coupons must be cut along the perforation and the correct portion, which is clearly indicated, should be put in the allocated box. The other half of the coupon must be retained by the customer. If by mistake the wrong portion of the coupon is put in the box, there will be no options to take it back, and also a new coupon will not be given. If a wrong portion of a coupon is drawn at the draw, it will be considered void, and another coupon will have to be drawn.
  13. If an item needs to be exchanged back for money, and if a coupon was eligible for the purchase, then the coupon/coupons must be given back to the shop to do the exchange. If the coupon/coupons were not presented to the shop then an exchange is not possible. A valid receipt is necessary to process an exchange.
  14. An exchange of an item for another item or money back will not be possible for purchases below Rf. 200 without an original receipt. Copies of receipts are not acceptable to exchange an item during the promotional period.
  15. The Lucky Draw will be made after combining all the coupon boxes into one. Therefore coupons in all the boxes will be treated as one.
  16. Draw will be held live on public television before 10th January 2009. Coupon number of its winner will be announced and published in the local papers and on www.sonee.com.mv, and also will be available from all Sonee Hardware outlets.
  17. Only one valid number will be drawn and the respective winner announced.
  18. The winner can claim his money upon presenting the remaining half of the coupon with its matching number as proof within 20 days of lucky draw announced date. A thorough investigation will be made on the customer’s portion of the coupon for its properties.
  19. The PRIZE of ONE MILLION RUFIYAA will be awarded to its rightful owner within Seven days upon claiming. The Money will be handed as spot cash or deposited to the winners account.
  20. Failure to claim the prize will result in the prize being donated to a reputable charity/charities of Sonee Hardware’s choice.
  21. Coupons have no commercial value and will not be sold to customers.