Sonee Hardware unveils Sonee Hardware Hulhumale'

Sonee Hardware unveils Sonee Hardware Hulhumale'

Sonee Hardware has launched the largest Hardware & Home Improvement store in the Maldives – Sonee Hardware Hulhumale’

Sonee Hardware has opened its brand new outlet on 27th December 2019. Located in Nirolhu Magu, Hulhumale’, Sonee Hardware Hulhumale’ is currently the largest hardware and home improvement store in the Maldives. It has a total of 6 levels, out of which 3 levels are open for customers. The 4th level is expected to open in the coming future with the introduction of more product ranges.

Sonee Hardware Hulhumale’ is a combination of all Sonee Hardware outlets in Male’, including Sonee Home, offering a complete solution to the customers. The full range of General hardware, lighting, fishing equipment, power tools, paint & finishing products, total cleaning solutions, kitchen & home appliances, and a wide variety of home improvement products are available under one roof.

The successful opening of this new store by Sonee ensures complete customer satisfaction with a more customer-centric approach. The spacious store with specific product placements guarantees a more pleasant shopping experience for the customers. We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

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