Sonee Hardware, Janavaree Magu opens

to our customers, Sonee Hardware is now relocated to a new location with floor space of 10,000 sqft and a wide range of products.

The new shop offers a large selection of hardware, home improvement, and general maintenance products that cater to a variety of different uses and ages. Sonee Hardware, Janavaree Magu provides consumers with building, paint, cleaning, and maintenance materials and supplies, as well as home electronics and electrical supplies, kitchen appliances, and heating equipment. The store also provides power tools, garden tools, and various plumbing supplies, in addition to other hardware products.

Sonee Hardware is the largest hardware business in the country with 6 stores operating in prime locations around Male’.

Sonee Hardware is located at Emboogasdhoshuge, Janavaree Magu, Henveyru. Click here for the full address & contact details.