Sonee Hardware introduces Shimano �Maldives Edition� Ocea Pencil lures

Sonee Hardware introduces Shimano �Maldives Edition� Ocea Pencil lures

Sonee Hardware on Monday introduced the Ocean Pencil ‘Maldives Edition’ of the globally renowned fishing equipment producer Shimano.

The edition was officially launched at the Sonee Hardware outlet at Boduthakurufaanu Magu by Managing Director and the edition’s exclusive rights holder Mr. Moosa Kaleem.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Moosa Kaleem said it was the first time Japan’s Shimano developed a products’ special series and hailed it as a major achievement for Sonee Hardware and for the Maldives which is a top destination for angler’s from all over the world.

Mr. Moosa Kaleem added that it was an honor that a world-leading company designed a product range after a small country like the Maldives.

The swimbaits have been modeled and designed with the most common baitfish commonly hunted by large predatory fish in the Maldives. The edition boasts four unique colors which are designed after triggerfish, round scad, flying fish, and fusilier.

The Shimano Maldives Edition was specially designed under the direction of Mr. Moosa Kaleem and the artwork was done by Muart.

The edition is currently used and sold in several countries including Japan, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Seychelles, and several European countries.

Browse the product range here: Shimano Ocean Pencil Maldives Edition