1 Million Rufiyaa Promotion ends

31st of December marks the end of the 1 Million Libeyne Promotion run by Sonee Hardware. Coupon boxes located in our outlets around male’ was sealed by the end of business on the 31st.

“Libeyne – Nulibeyne – Libeyne – Nulibeyne”, are the words heard all around the country, be it in a cafe’ or in a new year SMS greeting. This has been the largest promotion held in the Maldives in terms of the winning prize. The anticipation to find out who wins is ever-growing as we come close to the promotion draw.

The lucky customer to receive the promotion prize of 1 Million Rufiyaa will be announced after the draw on the 8th of January 2008 at 2130hrs, Live on Television Maldives(TVM).