Roadha Bazaaru 2017 – Lucky Draw Winners


We are excited to announce the winners of Roadha Bazaaru – 2017 

 WinnerCoupon #
Day 1 winner: Ali Rasheed, A08***610533
Day 2 winner: Mohamed Afrah, A28***411139
Day 3 winner: Baehir, WP 10036***13040
Day 4 winner: Mohamed Umar, A03***714211
Day 5 winner: Asima A.Gadir, A04***5.19149
Day 6 winner: Ibrahim Rasheed, A13***016578
Day 7 winner: Ali Nazim, A03***627803
Day 8 winner: Saeed Mohamed. A05***018955
Day 9 winner: MD Muzammil, WP I012***631821
Day 10 winner: Hussain Shazeem, A16***633724
Day 11 winner: Adam Ayaz, A55***242712
Day 12 winner: Abdul Sameeu, A13***537834
Day 13 winner: Fayaz Mohamed, A12***046732
Day 14 winner: Ansar, A02***947772
Day 15 winner: Faruhan Ibrahim, A30***842614
Day 16 winner: Saudulla Mohamed, A02***551280
Day 17 winner: Hussain Amir, A28***353289
Day 18 winner: Ibrahim Rasheed, A05***0100374
Day 19 winner: Imad, A07***645841
Day 20 winner: Shafraa Abdulla, A25***8115860
Day 21 winner: Ahmed Meesaaq, A00***3102356
Day 22 winner: Mohamed Wahid, A11***2 120686
Day 23 winner: Waleedha Mohamed, A01***0 26292
Day 24 winner: MD Sharif, WP I008***6123414
Day 25 winner: Sahadat, WP 0122***3104168
Day 26 winner: Helaluddin, WP 002***3118107
Day 27 winner: Ali Abdurahman, A11***8109746

Congratulations all.

1Million Rufiyaa Handed over

The 1 Million Rufiyaa cash prize has been handed over to the ‘Yageen Libeyne!’ lucky draw winner, Mohamed Rishan Ilyas (M. Nakaa) of age 28. The prize money was handed over by Moosa Kaleem, Managing Director of Sonee Hardware, in a ceremony held in ‘The Scene’, a Sonee hardware outlet.

Rishan expressed his and his family’s joy in front of the media in the news conference right after the official hand-over.

Sonee hardware promises more such exciting and unique promotions and events in the future as well.