Titanium Plus Accessories Set 100pcs X100Ti

MVR 795.00

Perfectly equipped for practically any task: Comprehensive DIY set in a handy case for all work in wood, stone and metal. Including depth stop, screwdriver bits, nutsetters and holesaws as well as useful hand tools such as hand screwdriver, diameter gauge, torch, countersink, spirit level and hex key.

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  • 100 pcs kit
  • DIY range
  • Dimensions (L,W,H) 340 x 369 x 70
  • Weight 2,73

Product features

  • HSS-TiN metal drill bits with titanium nitride coating. The metal drill bits with titanium nitride coating excel through their long lifetime and high strength. For fast, clean drilling in the most diverse metals, plexiglass and hard plastics (not suitable for use with aluminium).
  • Durable, carbide-tipped masonry drill bits.
  • Standard wood drill bits and titanium-nitride-coated spade bits for increased cutting speeds and drilling clean, precise holes in wood.
  • Holesaws for feedthroughs on ceilings, walls or furniture. Suitable for hard/soft wood, veneered wood, chipboard and plasterboard.
  • 40 screwdriver bits with Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, hex and slotted heads and 8 nutsetters for all common screwdriving applications.
  • Robust plastic case with clearly arranged content layout; can also be refilled if necessary.
  • Suitable for all power tool brands.