Solignmun Colourless TK Wood preservative 1L

MVR 196.10

Solignum Colourless TK, a clear wood preservative for the treatment of new and existing external and internal timbers out of ground contact and above the damp proof course.

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  • 1 litre
  • Easy to apply
  • Penetrates wood rapidly
  • Effective against wood-boring insects
  • When dry, treated timber is not harmful to garden plants.




  • Solignum Colourless TK is for use in buildings on timbers above the damp-proof course, including floor joists, floorboards, stairs, roofing timbers and joinery.


  • Solignum Colourless TK is for use on timbers out of ground contact and in buildings on external timbers above the damp-proof course, including doors, window
  • frames, surrounds, frames, fascia’s and bargeboards.
  • The performance of the preservative will be improved by the application of a durable surface coating, or by further applications of the preservative as a maintenance treatment.
  • Penetrates the wood providing protection from the natural enemies of timber – wood rot, fungal decay, wood boring insects and / or termites.
  • Recommended for use on joinery, floorboards, joists, fascia’s, fences, gates, structural timbers such as roof trusses, garden sheds etc.
  • Colourless Solignum TK is a wood preservative fluid which penetrates into the wood and remains there as an active barrier against wood-rot, wood borers, termites and fungal decay.
  • It kills fungi and wood borers and preserves against future attack.
  • Timber treated with Colourless Solignum TK retains its original appearance and can be painted or varnished over if desired.
  • Colourless Solignum TK is not suitable for use in greenhouses or as a final weather-resistant finish.
  • Colourless Solignum TK can be applied by brush or immersion to bare dry wood.
  • Before treatment, timber should be clean, free of paint or varnish should be clean, free of paint or varnish and with no surface moisture.
  • Cut areas of treated timber should be given a further liberal brush application.
  • Treated timber can be over-painted and glued when dry.
  • Do not use Colourless Solignum TK near food and plants.


COVERAGE GUIDELINE: 1L for 100sq ft (1 layer)

  • Solignum Colourless should be applied with a brush in an even coat to achieve a coverage of 1 litre per 4-8 m². Depending upon the porosity and texture of the timber, further coats may be required to achieve the recommended coverage.