Haier Refrigerator 345L

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Bottom Mounted Refrigerators(BMR) 

With the longer condenser coils and heavy duty PUF insulation the cooling happens to remain seal, fresh and intact. Due to this the freezer is able to produce ice in about an hour.

2x Bigger veg box
This 2x veg box enables the storage space for lots of vegetables at one single place, bag more store more.

360 Degree Cooling
360 degree cooling rotates the cold air thoroughly in the refrigerator. The air is bounced back in every direction. Therefore, the cooling remains intact and fresh.

The new LED light is brighter than ever, consumes very less energy and lightens the entire refrigerator

Cool Pad
Cool pad shelf is composed of Glycogel, which helps prevent the food from spoilage during no electricity hours and keeps the food chilled and frozen for about 10 hours.

Utility Box
Utility box helps you store all your cosmetics and and medicinal products at one place.

Separate Fruit box
Separate fruit box is a separate compartment to store your fruits without getting the odor mixed from the other compartments. It helps keep your fruits healthy and fresh.

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