Marquis submersible clean water pump SA750F (15-7)

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The SA series submersible clean water pump is especially designed for the water supply and drainage system of high-rise buildings, and it is a piece of new generation water supply equipment that is developed according to relevant standards drafted by the Fire Department of Ministry of Public Security.

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Our stainless steel submersible pump has a vertical and segmental structure, and it exhibits many splendid properties, like easy installation, small footprint, convenient maintenance, long service life, safe and steady running, etc.

This vertical submersible pump adopts highly efficient and energy-saving hydraulic model to guarantee its high working efficiency and wide performance range, thus better meeting customers’ requirements.

The main part of our submersible clean water pump is constructed from stainless steel plate through pressing and welding processes, and it has some superb features when compared to cast iron pumps, such as smaller size, lighter weight, higher efficiency, lower noise, less vibration, easier installation, more aesthetic look and so on.

Some highly wear-resistant hard alloys are adopted by the bearing and shaft seal, so our firefighting booster pump is able to work for a very long time with little maintenance.



Our submersible water pump is mainly utilized to feed water to boilers, high-rise buildings and fire fighting systems, and it is also suitable for garden irrigation, aquatic breeding, water washing, mechanical fluid transportation (for food or pharmaceutical industry) and other applications.


  • Power: 0.75 kW
  • Flow: 15 m3/h
  • HP: 1
  • Inlet / Outlet: