Floor Sweeper Pico Spray

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Floor wiper Pico Spray offers a special cleaning comfort: besides scrubbing brush and wiper cloth is has also the “water bucket” ready for use at the same time. Pico Spray has a removable and refillable water tank on the handle. The tank is operated on the handle. Simply press the lever and the Pico Spray sprays clear water in a fine jet or an individually mixed cleaning agent.

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Pico Spray is the ideal wiper for the quick cleanliness in between. A comparison with other spray wipers shows its whole ability. Other wipers work only with the weight of the water. Pico Spray has a pressure system. With all its strength it sprays even bent flat up to the last drips of the tank volume. The fine cleaning film is also suitable for moisture-sensitive floors. Pico Spray can spray about 400 times before the 0,8 l tank has to be refilled. Concerning flexibility it offers also the typical Leifheit comfort: the agile wiper head takes out the dirt under shelves, makes itself flat under the bed and wipes thoroughly in every corner and on every step. The high quality Micro-Tech wiper cloth is washable up to 100 times. Wiping width is 26 cm.

  • Ideal for the quick cleanliness in between
  • Fog-free pressure spray jet up to 20 bar
  • Removable 0,8 litre tank for 400 x spraying
  • Agile wiper head for the cleaning of hard to reach areas
  • Ideal also for sensitive parquet