Professional Flat Wiping System

MVR 1,503.08

No bending down to remove the wiper cover; no hands in the dirty water; perfect cleanliness even in case of coarse dirt: Leifheit Professional flat wiping system makes the cleaning of restaurants, offices and shops easier, quicker and more efficient.

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A patented foot-operated push button allows the easy releasing of the Tuft wiper cover while standing. Thanks to a fixation tape the wiper cover can be pressed with the hand lever press in the separately available Leifheit cleaning cart – without hands in the dirty water. A 360° rotating joint on the handle makes the cleaning of hard to reach areas on stairs, in corners or under armoires easier. The telescopic handle is extendable from 105 up to a length of 175 cm. Thanks to a right/left locking it can easily be operated with only one hand. The anti-slip safeguard on the end of the grip prevents the handle from falling over when it is leaned on the wall.

  • With patented foot-operated pushbutton to release the wiper cover and fixation tape for the pressing in the separately available hand lever press
  • 360° joint
  • Telescopic handle (right/left lock) 105 – 175 cm
  • Grip top with non-slip safeguard