Capaver ElementEffects Graphic wallcovering

Capaver ElementEffects Graphic wallcovering


Uncoated, impregnated effect wall coverings made of natural raw materials for use on durable interior walls.

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Most recent designing of individual and durable wall surfaces is achievable with Capaver® ElementEffects in combination with hiding coats of paint or when using effect coatings.
Capaver® ElementEffects glass fabrics provide for appealing, high-grade and individual wall surfaces, due to variations in texture, type, colour shade, gloss level and application technique of topcoats.
In accordance with expected loads or desired visual appearance, all fabrics may easily be coated with suitable paints and efficient renovations are possible, due to individual needs.

Material Properties

  • Individual design/pattern due to quartz print method.
  • High strength in wet conditions and safe application.
  • Rot proof.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Covers small surface cracks (crack bridging).


Material Base / Vehicle
Glass fabrics Capaver® ElementEffects are made of purely mineral glass yarns and quartz sand.

* Price given for 1x1M