Bosny plastic primer 400cc

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Ready to use waterborne patching putty with shrink and crack resistant properties. Smooth & Water Resistant.

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Bosny Plastic Primer Spray is special formula with best adhesion on plastic substrates such as auto bumpers, spoiler, rigid rubber parts, plastic appliances and various plastic parts. It acts as ashesion primer on most hard to adhere substrates including aluminium, leather, vinyls and most plastic, namely PP, ABS, PS, PE and ets. Can be top coated with acrylic or alkyd paints as desired.

Directions for Use :

  1. Surface should be clean from grease, wax, and dirts. For better results, lightly sand surface with sandpaper.
  2. Shake can well before using.
  3. Hold can 12-16 inches from object to be painted. Press spray button firmly.
  4. When finished spraying, clean spray nozzle immediately by turning can upside down and push spray button from 10 seconds.

Remark :

For best results, allow “BOSNY” Plastic Primer Spray to dry for 10 minutes. Then apply top coat color as desired. If Bosny Plastic Primer Spray is left without any top coat over 30 minutes, it should be reapplied to ensure top coat will adhere fully over this primer.

Available Size : 400 cc.