BillHiley – Weekly Lucky Draw Winners

We are excited to announce the weekly Lucky Draw winners of BillHiley!

Week 25
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Alya Ashraf#550824,464/-
Ahmed Ifaz#318695,418/-
Mohamed Naiz#62788853/-


Week 24
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ismail Kauf#320001,013/-
Ahmed Wasif#489686,950/-
Ali Naeem#32919323/-
Mohamed Visham#6009733,973/-


Week 23
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Aiham Ibrahim#33228629/-
Faheema Ahmed#487438,932/-
M. Waheed#463425,016/-


Week 22
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Aminath Shizunee#461455,587/-
Hassan Ihusan#4613512,230/-


Week 21
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ali Najeeb#538588,863/-
Ibrahim Ali#545193,081/-
Fathmath Shadhiya#546863,347/-


Week 20
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ahmed Rasheed#55435637/-
Abdul Rahman#4959716,271/-
A. Faiha#496696,879/-


Week 19
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
I. Meash#500554,477/-
H. Samil#428641,215/-
Iumaz Naseer#420812,073/-
Shafa Abdul Kareem#258444,702/-


Week 18
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Zareena Ahmed#517779,010/-
Mohamed Zareer#5024843,612/-
Adam Mohamed#3517422,650/-


Week 17
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Abu Saeed Khan#512711,714/-
Sajid Ibrahim#4494317,628/-
Ali Nasir#517982,886/-
Zahura Adam#278346,221/-


Week 16
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Nashith Ibrahim#41647651/-
Yaugoob Adam Manik#459731,304/-
Aminath Shanyz#2769110,946/-
Ibrahim Shareef#209105,406/-


Week 15
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Abdulla Ali#360141,521/-
Yoosuf Yaish#452937,772/-
Hashim Ibrahim#219224,386/-
Mohamed Waheed#386787,103/-


Week 14
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Rayyan Riyaz#2052727,639/-
Aishath Shehnaz#366211,846/-


Week 13
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Naail Hassan#3946113,385/-
Ahmed Adil#237412,625/-
Ahmed Adam#238263,473/-


Week 12
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ahmed Rasheed#255792,411/-
Ahmed Shameel#430272,471/-
Ahmed Mueen#255931,448/-


Week 11
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ali Mohamed#381511,575/-
Abdulla Hammad#251591,333/-
Mariyam Rasheeda#33840305/-


Week 10
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ahmed Afraah#321832,572/-
Ahmed Thaumeen#242271,920/-
Ahmed Zahir#226203,608/-
Ali Rasheed#322251,462/-


Week 9
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Abdul Raheem#048637,923/-
Ahmed Rasheed#320301,285/-
Ifham Amjad#32036446/-
Zuhaira Ismail#264171,875/-


Week 8
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Hussain Siraj#1965016,481/-
Abdulla Waheed#168331,979/-
Aishath Shaana#198763,222/-
Zaara Shafee#22056356/-


Week 7
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Fathimath Anees#139931,057/-
Abbas Hussain#103545,749/-
Aminath Ashiya#167806,150/-


Week 6
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Aiman Latheef#134513,829/-
Abdulla Mafaaz#119131,844/-
Moosa Naseer#037171,237/-
Yasin Arafat#022235,980/-


Week 5
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Mohamed Hameed#091725,816/-
Ibrahim Adam#039671,566/-
Adam Abdul Rahman#101204,253/-


Week 4
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Ibrahim Afeef#09839726/-
Fathimath Nasreena#0973933,819/-
Saeed Yoosuf#09501417/-
Ibrahim Shareef#0798110,876/-


Week 3
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Mohamed Musthofa#094342,035/-
Anees Mohamed#124162,730/-
Ismail Moosa#087327,197/-
Ahmed Nisbah#013833,006/-


Week 2
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Mohamed Ramlin#07108763/-
Mariyam Zahira#083512,057/-
Abdul Latheef#071974,722/-
Ahmed Mohamed#08358555/-


Week 1
WinnerCoupon No.Bill Value (MVR)
Asiyath Asmaa#064644,359/-
Malik Chandrashekhariah#00290738/-
Mohamed Ramzee#080804,267/-
Reem Abdul Sathar#081308,233/-

BillHiley – An exciting chance to win your cashback, every week!

July 10, 2021

Sonee Hardware has successfully commenced one of the biggest and most exciting promotions of the year, BillHiley . BillHiley was officially launched on 10th July 2021 and is set to continue until the end of December 2021, giving customers ample opportunity to partake in this exciting promotion.

With BillHiley promotion, Sonee Hardware customers stand a chance to entirely earn their cashback & get a full refund from their respective purchase. For every purchase of MVR 300, customers are eligible for 1 BillHiley coupon & can consecutively collect multiple coupons from orders above MVR 300. Four lucky winners will be selected every Friday and details of the winners will be posted every Saturday.

BillHiley promotion is exclusively designed to cater & provide maximum opportunity for Hiyaa flat customers. Sonee Hardware aims to offer a complete solution to Hiyaa flat customers with products ranging from doors & furniture hardware, lighting solutions, paints and finishing products, electrical products to a wide range of home improvement products. With this special promotion, whether the customer decides to spend MVR 300 or MVR 300,000, every customer has the golden prospect of winning their cashback every week!

Explore our range online:



Unveiling Sonee Hardware’s newest outlet, Sonee Fishing

December 10, 2020

Sonee Hardware has launched a brand-new outlet, Sonee Fishing on 10th December 2020. Located in Boduthakurufaanu Magu, near the prime location of Male’ fish market, the outlet is exclusively dedicated to fully catering, the fishing enthusiasts and professional fisherman. 

Sonee Fishing provides a wide range of fishing gears and tackles. This is inclusive of a diverse range of fishing reels, rods & lures by globally renowned brands such as Shimano, Rapala, Mustad, Yamaga Blanks and Williamson. The product range also includes ‘Maldives Edition’ lures by Moosa Kaleem for Shimano.  

With the opening of Sonee Fishing a grand discount of upto 75% on selected products will be given to all walk-in customers until the end of this year. Sonee Fishing is the 7th outlet under Sonee Hardware brand & with this new inclusion the aim is to offer solutions to the growing fishing community and enable a more convenient shopping experience. We look forward to welcoming you in our new outlet. 

Roadha Bazaaru 2020 – Vanumaa Nimumaa

March 01, 2020

Roadha Bazaaru by Sonee Hardware is back this year with stronger and better offers, guaranteed to provide customers with precisely everything they are looking for in a single visit, hence the slogan for this year’s promotion – Vanumaa Nimumaa. 

The annual promotion, for the upcoming Holy month of Ramadan was launched on 01st March and will continue until the end of the month, giving customers ample time to wrap up their shopping in preparation of Ramadan.  

Unlike the previous years, this year, Roadha Bazaaru promotion concentrates on providing highly attractive discounts on carefully selected products that fall under multiple categories. This includes special offers of up to 50% off on home appliances, cookware, kitchen appliances and gadgets from Sonee Home product range. Moreover, customers can expect major discounts on products such as paints, lighting, sanitary ware and cleaning appliances. 

Roadha Bazaaru has consistently been the most anticipated and exciting promotion amongst the customers. This year Sonee Hardware has a few surprises in store as well in aims of engaging more with our loyal customers. 

From your fingertips to the doorstep – Sonee Hardware Online

Introducing Sonee Hardware’s new E-Commerce website for a more convenient shopping experience.

December 18, 2019

Sonee Hardware has successfully launched their e-commerce website, enabling customers to completely transform their retail shopping experience. The brand new website allows customers to browse through a wide range of Home improvement products and purchase their favorite products online with a simple click of a button. 

Customers can make payments conveniently and securely through BML payment gateway. Moreover, with the purchase of any product, Sonee Hardware will be providing free delivery services to all addresses within Male’ and Hulhumale, including delivery of goods upto Jetty/boat as well. As an alternative to delivery, customers can also opt to pick-up their order from the store itself. 

Sonee Hardware is constantly aiming towards providing a more convenient shopping experience to the customers. With such a major development, the goal is to streamline the purchasing process and provide an easier platform for the customers. 

The Scene has evolved into SONEE HOME


The Scene by Sonee Hardware has evolved into SONEE HOME

August 7, 2019

The Scene by Sonee Hardware has been re-launched as Sonee Home, effective 7th August 2019. Following this move, Sonee Home will be exclusively dedicated to providing home improvement solution to their customers. This comprises of a wide range of kitchen and home appliances, household products, along with cleaning and laundry products. These are by internationally renowned brands from Europe and USA such as Tefal, Moulinex, Joseph Joseph, Brabantia and Corelle.

The re-launch to Sonee Home ensures that the customers of Sonee gets a complete home improvement solution, all under one roof with a varied assortment of premium quality products at a decent price range. Moreover, with this change, the Sanitary ware and tiles component, previously carried by The Scene, has been moved to Sonee Hardware – Janavaree Magu.

Sonee Home, formerly known as The Scene, was opened in the year 2007 and is one of total seven outlets by Sonee Hardware. With this evolution, Sonee Home aims to offer customers a more personalized and convenient shopping experience.

Sonee Hardware unveils Sonee Hardware Hulhumale’

Sonee Hardware has launched the largest Hardware & Home Improvement store in the Maldives – Sonee Hardware Hulhumale

Sonee Hardware has opened their brand new outlet on 27th December 2019. Located in Nirolhu Magu, Hulhumale’, Sonee Hardware Hulhumale’ is currently the largest hardware and home improvement store in the Maldives. It has a total of 6 levels, out of which 3 levels are open for customers. The 4th level is expected to open in the coming future with the introduction of more product ranges.

Sonee Hardware Hulhumale’ is a combination of all Sonee Hardware outlets in Male’, including Sonee Home, offering a complete solution to the customers. The full range of General hardware, lighting, fishing equipment, power tools, paint & finishing products, total cleaning solutions, kitchen & home appliances and wide variety of home improvement products are available under one roof.

The successful opening of this new store by Sonee ensures complete customer satisfaction with a more customer centric approach. The spacious store with specific product placements, guarantee a more pleasant shopping experience for the customers. We look forward to welcoming you in our store.

Find us:

Roadha Bazaaru 2018


Sonee Hardware has launched the much anticipated promotion ‘Sonee Hardware Roadha Baazaar’ for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan with up to 50 percent discounts.

The annual promotion dubbed ‘Roadha Baazaar’ would continue from April 15 until May 20 from all of its outlets. Attractive discounts would be on offer from a variety of products preferred for Ramadan including cookware, home appliances, household items and lighting from globally renowned brands such as Tefal,  Moulinex, Corelle and Osram.

A lucky draw coupon would be given for every MVR200 purchase and the daily winner would receive a gift voucher worth MVR5,000.

The draw will take place at 10.30am every day at the Sonee Hardware outlet in Janavaree Magu and the winner would be announced on our website and Facebook page.


For updates please visit our Roadha Baazaaru section on our website.


Roadha Bazaaru 2017 – Lucky Draw Winners


We are excited to announce the winners of Roadha Bazaaru – 2017 

 WinnerCoupon #
Day 1 winner: Ali Rasheed, A08***610533
Day 2 winner: Mohamed Afrah, A28***411139
Day 3 winner: Baehir, WP 10036***13040
Day 4 winner: Mohamed Umar, A03***714211
Day 5 winner: Asima A.Gadir, A04***5.19149
Day 6 winner: Ibrahim Rasheed, A13***016578
Day 7 winner: Ali Nazim, A03***627803
Day 8 winner: Saeed Mohamed. A05***018955
Day 9 winner: MD Muzammil, WP I012***631821
Day 10 winner: Hussain Shazeem, A16***633724
Day 11 winner: Adam Ayaz, A55***242712
Day 12 winner: Abdul Sameeu, A13***537834
Day 13 winner: Fayaz Mohamed, A12***046732
Day 14 winner: Ansar, A02***947772
Day 15 winner: Faruhan Ibrahim, A30***842614
Day 16 winner: Saudulla Mohamed, A02***551280
Day 17 winner: Hussain Amir, A28***353289
Day 18 winner: Ibrahim Rasheed, A05***0100374
Day 19 winner: Imad, A07***645841
Day 20 winner: Shafraa Abdulla, A25***8115860
Day 21 winner: Ahmed Meesaaq, A00***3102356
Day 22 winner: Mohamed Wahid, A11***2 120686
Day 23 winner: Waleedha Mohamed, A01***0 26292
Day 24 winner: MD Sharif, WP I008***6123414
Day 25 winner: Sahadat, WP 0122***3104168
Day 26 winner: Helaluddin, WP 002***3118107
Day 27 winner: Ali Abdurahman, A11***8109746

Congratulations all.

Announcing the winner of 45th anniversary logo design contest.

20 Nov, 2014 – We are excited to announce Mr. Ahmed Shafeeu of H. Avidheyge as the winner of the Sonee Hardware’s 45th anniversary logo design contest held from 19th September to 16th October 2014.

Moosa Kaleem, Managing Director of Sonee Hardware presented the cash prize of MVR 20,000.00 to Ahmed Shafeeu, at an event held at Sonee Hardware’s head office on Thursday, November 20, 2014.

The contest which was opened to individuals and professionals in the country attracted massive interest from public with over 1000 entries submitted.

Sonee Hardware would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

Sonee Hardware

Design a logo and win MVR 20,000.00

20 Sep, 2014 – Sonee Hardware Pvt Ltd is seeking interested individuals and professionals in designing a logo for our 45th anniversary. The logo will be used online, in print, on merchandise and other promotional materials.


How do I enter?

Design us a logo for our 45th anniversary! You may use the following options as a tagline along with the logo. “45th Anniversary” & “1970 – 2015”.


What do I get out of it?

The winner gets a cash prize of MVR 20,000.00. Of course there’s the exposure you will get through having your logo published in various promotional materials throughout the year (2015).


When do I have to send my entry by?

This contest runs for three weeks, with the deadline being 5pm on 9th 16th October 2014. (Deadline extended)


Who is going to pick the winner?

All entries will be reviewed by Sonee Hardware or judges appointed for the purpose by Sonee Hardware, who will pick the winner. Their decision will be final.


Where do I send my entry?

Once you’re happy with your entry, send it over (either in PDF, JPG or PNG format) to our Marketing Department via email: ! Please make sure to include: your full name, address, phone number and email address.


When the contest is over, all entries will be passed on to the judges and the winner will be revealed on our website ( in October.

Terms & Conditions apply. Read them here!

Win a T7/1 vacuum cleaner from Karcher

Win a Karcher vacuum cleaner!

Oct 28, 2013 – Your chance to win a T7/1 vacuum cleaner from Karcher. Click here to take part: don’t forget to like us on Facebook. (

Let us know how we are doing, and what we can do to serve you better! Thanks for entering the giveaway, and good luck!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The giveaway is being run by Sonee Hardware Pvt. Ltd.
  • The winner will be selected at random and emailed to claim their prize.
  • If a winner for whatever reason does not reply within two weeks of the winners announcement, Sonee Hardware reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • No purchase necessary to enter.
  • Contest ends on Friday, October 18, 2013.
  • Your email will never be shared with a third party. We will only use it to send you relevant emails regarding our promotions and offers. You’ll have the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time, immediately, once you receive your first email.
  • By entering your email address you agree that you would like to receive occasional marketing emails from us.
  • Giveaway is open to Maldives residence only.

Any questions? Email | twitter @soneehardware

Sonee Hardware wins S.I.I. Memorial Cup

SII Memorial Cup 2012

Nov 24, 2012 – Sonee Hardware wins this year’s S.I.I Memorial Futsal Cup organized by Sonee Group of Companies was held at FAM turf ground on 23rd November.

Four teams from Sonee group; Sonee Hardware, Sonee Sports, Asters, and Fortsen Shades participated in this years tournament.

Sonee Hardware beat Sonee Sports by 4-1 in the final match and claimed the MVR10,000 cash prize and the trophy.

The main objective of the tournament is commemorate the founder of Sonee Hardware, late Mr.Ismail Ibrahim, and to enhance the teamwork amongst the staff members of all the companies of Sonee Group.

For highlights of the tournament visit Sonee Hardware’s Google+ page

#SIIcup2012 Tweet & Win!

Tweet & Win Gift voucher worth MVR1,234

Nov 21, 2012 – Along with this year’s SII memorial cup, we’re giving away a gift voucher for one lucky winner, on twitter.  Follow us on twitter to be in the chance to win!

Four teams; Sonee Hardware, Sonee Sports, Asters and Fortsen Shades will be participating in this year’s tournament. SII Cup will be held on Nov 23, at FAM turf ground from 6am – 10:30am.

Let us know how we are doing, and what we can do to serve you better! Thanks for entering the giveaway, and good luck!

Rules & Fine Print:

  • Gift voucher giveaway is being run by Sonee Hardware Pvt. Ltd.
  • You must be following @soneehardware on twitter to be eligible.
  • Winner gets a gift voucher worth MVR 1,234.00 from sonee hardware.
  • Winner will be drawn on random and announced on twitter.
  • Contest ends at 12 Noon Saturday, November 24, 2012 (local time).
  • If a winner for whatever reason does not reply within two weeks of the winners announcement, Sonee Hardware reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • Giveaway is open to Maldives residence only.

Any questions? Email

Newly opened, Sonee Hardware 2

May 05, 2012 – In order to offer better service & a convenient shopping experience to our customers, Sonee Hardware 2 is now reopened in a new location. The new shop provides more options along with a large variety of hardware & electrical items.

Sonee Hardware 2 is located on Kan’baa Aisharani Hin’gun opposite to IGM Hospital, (near STO fuel station). Click here for full address & contact details.

Sonee Hardware launches logo design competition with a prize of MRF 20,000.00


Sonee Hardware is excited to announce the launch of a logo design competition for our 40th anniversary. The competition is open to general public, individuals, creative agencies, private companies, schools, educational institutions, and organizations. The prize for the wining logo is MRF 20,000.00.  And there is no age limit to participate in the competition.

The competition opens April 15, 2010 and will close on May 10, 2010.

The winning designer will receive a cash prize of MRF 20,000.00, And the winning design will be announced on “” before the end of May 2010. The logo will be used for promotional purposes throughout the year.

In 2006, a similar competition was held to mark Sonee Hardware’s 35th Anniversary in which was awarded MRF 15,000.00 for the winning logo designer. The competition saw massive support from the public with more than 1500 entries from all over the Maldives.

For more information & full competition rules, click here.

The Paint Shop, now open!

The latest addition to our never ending commitment to reach our valued customers, a brand new showroom, “The Paint Shop” has been opened on Friday, 11th December 2009. The showroom, situated opposite to Sonee Hardware 1, displays a divergent array of color options, wall coverings, stone paints, textures and decorative interior wall techniques of “Caparol” brand. We also provide…

  • Color design service using a design software (provides design visualization of facades and interiors).
  • Application service for wall coverings, stone paints, textures and decorative products.

S.I.I. Concrete launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product, SII Concrete. Another Value for Money solution from Sonee Hardware.

An effective alternative to ‘River’ sand now comes in the form of SII CONCRETE (manufactured sand) – a manufactured sand from crushed rock. Based on ‘Rock-on-Rock Technology’, SII concrete is formulated to lend added strength, solidity and stability to all kinds of construction.

Click here for more detailed information which shows you how you can actually build better, stronger buildings while keeping costs at an absolute minimum.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries at all.

Sonee Hardware votes Earth

To support Earth Hour and the real purpose behind it, all the Sonee Hardware outlets went on absolute minimum lighting from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time on the 28th of March 2009.

Sonee Hardware keeps constant note of the environmental issues we are facing today and actively contributes to saving earth for the coming generations.

Sonee Hardware Professional – Now Open!

Yet another addition to our chain of outlets in male’, “Sonee Hardware Professional” has opened for business from 9am on the 21st of February 2009. This outlet features Bosch power tools & accessories, fischer fixing systems, Karcher cleaning equipment, SDMO diesel and petrol generator sets, Fluke test and measurement equipment, Wagner high-tech products for coating and decorating with paints and powder, SKF bearings, and other essential hardware and tools all in one place.

Majeedhi Magu, Male’ (next to Sonee Hardware 1)
Tel:+960 3333 919
Fax:+960 3343 764
Shop Manager:Mr. Mohamed Hamdhoon

1Million Rufiyaa Handed over

The 1 Million Rufiyaa cash prize has been handed over to the ‘Yageen Libeyne!’ lucky draw winner, Mohamed Rishan Ilyas (M. Nakaa) of age 28. The prize money was handed over by Moosa Kaleem, Managing Director of Sonee Hardware, in a ceremony held in ‘The Scene’, a Sonee hardware outlet.

Rishan expressed his and his family’s joy in front of the media in the news conference right after the official hand-over.

Sonee hardware promises more such exciting and unique promotions and events in the future as well.

1 Million Rufiyaa Promotion ends

31st of December marks the end of the 1 Million Libeyne Promotion run by Sonee Hardware. Coupon boxes located in our outlets around male’ was sealed by the end of business on the 31st.

“Libeyne – Nulibeyne – Libeyne – Nulibeyne”, are the words heard all around the country, be it in a cafe’ or in a new year SMS greeting. This has been the largest promotion held in the Maldives in terms of the winning prize. Anticipation to find out who wins is ever-growing as we come close to the promotion draw.

The lucky customer to receive the promotion prize of 1 Million Rufiyaa will be annouced after the draw on the 8th of January 2008 at 2130hrs,  Live on Television Maldives(TVM).