1Million Rufiyaa Handed over

The 1 Million Rufiyaa cash prize has been handed over to the ‘Yageen Libeyne!’ lucky draw winner, Mohamed Rishan Ilyas (M. Nakaa) of age 28. The prize money was handed over by Moosa Kaleem, Managing Director of Sonee Hardware, in a ceremony held in ‘The Scene’, a Sonee hardware outlet.

Rishan expressed his and his family’s joy in front of the media in the news conference right after the official hand-over.

Sonee hardware promises more such exciting and unique promotions and events in the future as well.

1 Million Rufiyaa Promotion ends

31st of December marks the end of the 1 Million Libeyne Promotion run by Sonee Hardware. Coupon boxes located in our outlets around male’ was sealed by the end of business on the 31st.

“Libeyne – Nulibeyne – Libeyne – Nulibeyne”, are the words heard all around the country, be it in a cafe’ or in a new year SMS greeting. This has been the largest promotion held in the Maldives in terms of the winning prize. Anticipation to find out who wins is ever-growing as we come close to the promotion draw.

The lucky customer to receive the promotion prize of 1 Million Rufiyaa will be annouced after the draw on the 8th of January 2008 at 2130hrs,  Live on Television Maldives(TVM).