MML tiles




MML Marketing Sdn Bhd is a major manufacturer of homogeneous porcelain tile and mosaics in Malaysia. Malaysian Mosaics Berhad is a manufacturer and distributor of ceramic tiles. The products are sold under the brand "MML".


It was incorporated on 28 February 1964, by French (Clouet & Co, (Kuala Lumpur) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Denis Freres SA of France) and Japanese (Kowa Co Ltd, a company incorporated in Japan) shareholders.


With the last expansion, MML transformed almost overnight from a specialist in full body porcelain tiles to a full range ceramic tile manufacturer, producing porcelain (water absorption E 0.5%), porcellanato (water absorption 0.5% < E 3%) and monoporosa (water absorption E > 10%).


MML products are available from  TheScene (Majeedhee Magu).