For 100 years, the name of OSRAM has been synonymous throughout the world with excellence in lighting. With its innovative technologies and solutions, OSRAM has continually opened up new horizons in artificial lighting – in offices, factories, homes and hotels, and on the roads.

High quality is one of the reasons why OSRAM has been so successful. With OSRAM energy saving lamps and systems, they contribute to environmental protection throughout the world. Compact fluorescent lamps from OSRAM reduce electricity costs by as much as 80% compared with light bulbs of the same brightness, and last up to 15 times longer.

OSRAM brand name quality – for every application and every requirement

Top brand name quality energy saving lamps from OSRAM not only outshine all others with their longevity and cost-effectiveness – they are also extremely versatile in use. Due to the most varied designs, sizes and power ratings, you will find the right lamp for every room, application, requirement and taste – and with the right kind of guarantee.