Team Sonee


SONEE Hardware is a place where you can put your talents and abilities into action in one of our many diverse departments. With our continuous on-the-job training you will be given much responsibility as you are willing to take on in order to broaden your knowledge and career.


It is time to use your ideas. A great idea that just sits is worthless... but a great idea that moves, grows & inspires everyone it touches has endless possibilities.


Every member of our team is included and valued for the contributions they make. We are looking for those idea driven, knowledgeable men & women to work at our Company. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to diversity in the workplace.


Sonee Hardware's employment policies and systems radiate from a single principle - We believe in people. People are our most valued asset - our core strength. We have, therefore, created a 'climate' which is distinctive. Employees gain a level of freedom which provides security, satisfaction and, most importantly, a sense of professional fulfillment.


At Sonee Hardware, learning is a continuous process. Our Human Resources Development Department offers training programmes for employee's right throughout their career. A good blend of skill development, behavioural and core programmes provide stimulus for growth and career development.


We seek achievers with an excellent track record.