The Duravit brand from product to personality. Branding permeates our lives. Whether we're buying shoes, jeans, cereals or toothpaste, we choose the brand that fits, looks or tastes best – and the one that offers us an extra ingredient: personality. The Duravit brand personality has had plenty of time to develop. Today Duravit, with its almost 200 years of history, is one of the industry's leading companies. An innovative company that has changed the faceof sanitary products and played a major role in transforming the bland, sterile bathroom of old into a delightful sanctuary for the senses. Initially with sanitary ceramics, later with bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs and wellness creations: complete living bathrooms – from Duravit. The welcome consequence of the values that the Duravit brand stands for – and always has stood for.

For Duravit, tradition is more than just a word. It stands for a special kind of continuity that has seen a family business grow into a public company and expand internationally whilst remaining loyal to its original home in Hornberg. Unquenchable curiosity and an unconventional approach to new challenges are the driving forces behind new ideas at Duravit. No other manufacturer has a record that can compare when it comes to innovative, individual, irresistible design. Or setting new standards for quality in both materials and workmanship. And our service structure is as professional as it is friendly, smoothing the way for Duravit products to reach your bathroom – and not leaving you on your own afterwards, either. The combination of all these attributes is what makes up the Duravit brand's unique personality – a feel-good personality that allows you to feel at one with our products. Enjoy!